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having things in common is not common

…so they should be treated that way.

There’s something that link you and a loved one. Something that you share only between yourselves. Something that bridges over all the things that seem to matter so much so frequently. You have something “in common.”

The term is thrown around so often that is loses its viscosity or substance. You may both have the same taste for music, food, books, sports. It may be that you met while studying towards the same career, or you both share a witty sense of humor, love the beach, or you both hate Nicholas Cage as an actor.

Whatever it is, you cannot let these things go to the wayside. Highlight them, cherish them, exploit them. These are the things that uniquely bind you together. You cannot deny the word unique even the slightest bit. Of all the fish in the sea, your similarities swam to meet each other, and they cannot be washed away. It’s not something that you run out of, and it cannot be taken from you. It is a link that forever binds you. This cannot ever be forgotten, because it makes you two individuals one couple.

Now if it ever comes that it is something such as sharing the exact same birthday, and in the same hospital, you begin to wonder the true parameters of life’s destiny…

Same birthday

“Same Birthday” Kevin & Erin. Photo by Kevin’s uncle who he was named after, P. Kevin Morley. Taken at St. Mary’s Hospital, Richmond, VA. Oct. 5th many years ago. Edited later by Kevin Groat.

Happy Birthday, My Love.