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Gift baskets of gratitude

As we mentioned in our post Conditioning new friendship Kevin & I are trying to have each of my new classmates over for dinner as a way to get to know them better one on one.  Our first dinner took place about a week after the end of my first semester in December with my classmate Courtney.  Even with the short notice (we’re talking a few hours), she wholeheartedly agreed to join us for fish tacos AND showed up with the cutest basket of goodies as a thank you.  She included a bottle of her favorite beer, Long Trail Double White Ale, a potted house plant, a container of homemade granola, and a tiny knit Santa in a beautifully decorated basket.  We couldn’t get over the thought she put into this basket and wondered why we didn’t do this type of thing more often.  Well, we got our chance to return the favor when Courtney invited us over for a dinner a few weeks afterwards.  Using the basket she brought for us, we put together a bunch of our favorite things: an Oskar Blues G’Knight beer, Kevin’s homemade granola and his amazing garlic and rosemary bread, and a bunch of flowers.  Since we already had the granola and the items to make Kevin’s bread, all we ended up spending on this treasure was $5!  The basket was a hit, and we all enjoyed the bread with Courtney’s extravagantly delicious dinner.


Courtney’s treasures on the left. She even decorated the basket with fresh pine needles and berries! My handsome husband on the right with our basket for Courtney’s dinner.

We’re so glad Courtney brought this tradition back into our lives!  Having people over for dinner can be a great way to foster genuine conversation and friendships, so why not express your gratitude by bringing a special homemade treat to thank them?  The mere thought put into this is sure to make your friends feel loved.

Side note: the plant she gave us is enjoying life on our kitchen window sill but the granola and Long Trail ale are long devoured 🙂