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So you think you’re ready for marriage?

A response to a friend:

Dear friend,

You asked me over the summer how someone knows they’re ready to get married.  I still think over this question and wonder if my response was good enough for you.  I mean, I’m only newly married and even having been with Kevin for 5 years prior to our engagement and 6.5 years before our wedding, I’m not sure you ever truly know if you’re ready for marriage because you don’t even know what it means until you’re actually married.  Well, at least I didn’t, and we’re still figuring it out as we go along.  Believe me, the engagement and saying “I do” are the easy parts: it’s following through with that promise that can be difficult.  I think the most important thing is to realize that this person is someone you’re willing to comfort, listen to (and not necessarily always have a solution to their problems, just be a true listener), support, and love no matter what because not every minute or every day or every week is going to be bliss.  It’s realizing what it really means to compromise, communicate, and collaborate in order to keep moving forward, loving each other, and growing individually and as a couple.  Your love today will not be the same love in a few years, but hopefully that’s in a good way because it means you’re evolving your love to fit your relationship as it grows.  Anywho, hope this helps better clarify my real thoughts, but again, I’m still new at all of this myself.




Navigating our way together through this rollercoaster of life and marriage. A smile, hug, and words of encouragement go a long way for us!