Re-cultivating love: 14 days of love celebration

Near the end of January, a friend of mine posted a link to a CNN article titled, 10 things you might not know about love.  The article focused on research taking place at UNC Chapel Hill which led to the writing of the book “Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become” authored by Barbara Fredrickson.  In this article, Fredrickson states,

“Writing this book has profoundly changed my personal view of love. I used to uphold love as that constant, steady force that all but defines my marriage. While that constant, steady force still exists, I now see our bond as a product of the many micro-moments of positivity resonance that my husband and I have shared over the years. This shakes me out of any complacency that tempts me to take our love for granted. Love is something we should re-cultivate every single day.”

The last line definitely got my attention and made me think back to my favorite marriage advice given by a friend at our wedding who said, “Never stop trying to figure out what makes your marriage work.”  My wheels started spinning and with February right around the corner, I set out to start out 14 days of love challenge as a way to re-cultivate our love.

There are many ways people carry out 14 days of love in February, so I wanted to make sure we did something that not only fit our budget but also creatively fit our personalities.  As you saw in a previous post on card making, Kevin & I love to create notes to others, and I thought this would be a perfect time to send each other love notes.  It was super simple to use old scrapbook paper scraps, food, drinks, and some creativity to put all of these together!


First day of love! Kevin didn’t know I was planning this, so I made sure to leave the notes out where he would find them in the morning. His response was a card left on the front door for me to find when I got home from class.


Day 2. Part of the fun was finding the notes in unexpected places!


Day 3. Kevin’s says, “Nobody is perfect….until you fall in love with them.” With an image of our nursery name tag.


Day 4. My note on the left and Kevin’s on the right combined with a peach and whipped cream dessert.


Day 5. What can I say, I love chocolate and he knows that means a lot to be called the chocolate of my eye!


Day 6. Kevin is definitely the reason (on many levels) I’m learning patience 🙂


Day 7. Our wall of notes is starting to fill up!


Day 8. We love to do the pretzel dance moves any chance we get.


Day 9. Kevin got creative with some magnetic poetry.


Day 10.


Day 11.


Day 12. A McDonald’s sweet tea for Kevin’s Sweet T (he knows the way to my heart!). This day also coincided with Fat Tuesday, so we celebrated with a hurricane and Mardi Gras donuts.


Day 13. Kevin got SUPER creative this day. He took a flower and wrote, “He loves me” on each petal and left it with a note that said, “Not a chance otherwise.” Too cute!


Day 14. Valentine’s Day! I had class all day so woke up early to make him some goat shaped pancakes and came home to his surprise of treats by candlelight.

Since re-cultivating love shouldn’t be strictly reserved for significant others, I knew I needed to make those around me also feel the love on this holiday.  On February 14th, my classmates and I were set to have three classes over the span of 10:15am until 9:30pm, which meant a long day on campus far away from the traditional lovey emotions and fancy dinners associated with Valentine’s Day.  I wanted to bring a smile to the faces of my classmates despite the future of long lectures that awaited us and decided to give out flowers with personal notes which was a special tradition with my old athletic training classmates on Valentine’s day.  I left them on each person’s desk as a surprise when they came to class that morning.


Valentine’s Day flower gifts for my classmates with individual notes.

A few years ago, Kevin and I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a evening at a local bowling alley.  We had such a great time together that we vowed to make it a tradition (personal traditions between two people are quite the unique bond). We like the thought of bowling for Valentine’s Day because it gives the day a more informal and less cliche approach, kind of takes the seriousness out of it without taking the fun out. While it still can be a great date just for two, OR can include many!
Because I had class all day on actual Valentine’s day (I know, I know, I’ve mentioned this 1423 times already), we had our date night the following night and enjoyed 2 hours of bowling with wonderful memories!  Kevin won all the games this year, but there’s always 2014!


Flyer Kevin made with the purpose of sharing with anyone that wanted to get people together for Vday, maybe to involve a charity to donate proceeds to, or maybe just to make it a tradition like the two us of did =)

How will you re-cultivate love with those in your life?


Valentine’s Day Tradition: bowling! I still remind Kevin that I have beat him once in the past 😉



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