Sprinkling love

What better way to condition love than to celebrate the birth of little ones!  My sister and I jumped at the chance to honor my cousin and her family as they were about to add 2, yes 2, new babies to the group.  Because it was her third pregnancy, we didn’t need to throw a full on baby shower, but we opted for the smaller scale baby sprinkle to rejoice about her pregnancy with twins and make sure mom and dad were covered for the essentials like diapers and pacifiers.  We used some inspiration from Pinterest for the “Sprinkled With Love” theme and added in owls and colors that would be decorating the twins’ nursery in order to create an afternoon dedicated to celebrating the growth of their family from 4 to 6!  Kevin helped me design the invitations, which included a poem I found online and changed the wording around to fit the family.  Check it out:


Kevin’s design handywork with my love of rhyming can make a great card! Click on this picture to see the poem & design work up close.

Here are a few photos from the sprinkle with the simple and easy personal decor touches:


Sprinkled With Love garland. Made from scrapbook paper using a die-cut machine!



Goody bag treats with lots of sprinkles! Sugar cookies with sprinkles and donut bites with sprinkles placed in owl sandwich bags from Target.


Sprinkling the family with our fingerprint “rain drops” as a guest book. Kevin designed the art work.


The food spread. Hors d’oeuvres complete with an ice cream sundae bar to “sprinkle” on your favorite toppings!

We wanted to do at least one activity, so Lauren and I created a personalized “Mad Libs” game for everyone to fill out before we got to the gifts.  Following the sprinkle, we made a small scrapbook for Sarah & Matt with the fingerprint sheet, everyone’s Mad Libs games, the die cut circles that spelled out “Sprinkled with love”, and some photos from the event.  Using the smaller die cut circles on strings that we hung from the chandelier (the end of them are seen in the above picture hanging over the flowers), we created a mobile for the twins’ nursery.  Because we were able to re-purpose all the decor, the only things we had left over were wonderful memories and fully bellies 🙂


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