The joy of simple reminders

As most people and couples, life’s speed bumps come along and try to throw Kevin & I off into moments of frustration.  School, money, work, and maintaining a house are just a few of the things that love to try and rile us up!  Last week was one of those such days that put both of us into a funk for a bit on top of trying to manage our schedules and my school work.  I woke up early and drove to campus to give myself a good few hours to focus on studying for my pharmacology exam that morning.  As I checked my phone after the exam, I noticed a text from my sister-in-law saying, “We each picked someone we wanted to make happy today. Cathryn picked you.” Immediately tears began to well in my eyes and it only got better: there was a video attached showing Cathryn, our almost 3-year-old niece, and Avery, our almost 4-year-old niece, simply saying, “Hi Aunt Erin. I love you.”  Needless to say, after I watched the video tears were pouring down my face as I walked to my car.

The enormous power of those words but more importantly the fact they thought of me skyrocketed my day.  It made me step back and realize how easy it is to improve someone’s experience, moment, or even life.  A thought, a smile, a wave, a hug, an “I love you” – you never know how much it could mean to someone.  I wish our nieces fully understood the depth of what their kindness and love did for me that day.

How will you brighten someone’s life?


Yea, our nieces are pretty great 🙂


Sometimes these reminders come in the most unexpected ways!

1 thought on “The joy of simple reminders

  1. Courtney

    This same thing happened to me when my 3 yr old nephew left me a message telling me he loved me. His message was probably the only thing I could have received at that moment that would have given me any hope and perspective after another grueling anatomy exam…and left me crying on campus. These little ones don’t know how many hearts they hold!


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