Breaking tradition: creating meaningful wedding gifts

Kevin & I are now at the time of our lives where we get to experience many of our friends’ most meaningful time of their lives: their moment of lifelong commitment to a spouse.  Having been in the position of both a guest and the bride and groom at all these weddings, our approach to gift giving has evolved from simply grabbing something off of a registry to creating a memory.  The most recent of which occurred last fall at an awesome college friend of mine’s wedding (I have to give credit to one of my best friends for it was her idea to create this gift – thanks Kari!).  Now that I am back in school at our old stomping grounds and with Kari’s encouraging I set forth one afternoon on a cool, fall day to find pictures of structures around campus to spell out my friend’s new last name.  I spent over two hours roaming our beautiful campus and reveling in the peace it brought me in the midst of a busy time in my first semester.  This idea is one of growing popularity, so Kevin and I added our own twist on it by taking the pictures ourselves and using his Photoshop and design expertise to put it all together.  Our hope was to create a gift that touched on our friends’ personalities as well as show them how much we care for them and their marriage by taking time and love to design this gift ourselves.  Let’s be honest, most couples today have lived together before they marry and are often registering for wedding gifts out of tradition.  Believe me, some people tried to bully us into registering as well, but I think they realized they had more fun when they got the chance to think about something that will speak to us as a couple.  Along with the multiple donations our guests gave to our charity registry, some of the most wonderful gifts we received were soccer ball donations to a school in Africa and a hand-decorated blank journal for us to document all things Kevin & Erin.  Why not give your loved ones something more meaningful than a set of kitchen utensils or towels?  I think you’ll be surprised at their reaction!  

Check out Kevin’s blog to see the final product:

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