Mr and Mrs Sweet T & A Goat

FIRST POST! Oh man!  I always feel like there’s a lot of pressure with the first, so let’s get after it and start this blog.  Let’s see, a little background info I s’pose…

As I mentioned in our “About Us”, my husband Kevin & I are constantly searching for ways to improve the lives of others through our actions and by default improve ours.  We desire to get back to the good ole days and go about our lives making sure everyone who we come in contact with knows they are special to us.  Oh, and for the title of this post, those are nicknames we were given by close friends back in high school.  Our friend Joe always called me Sweet T because I could never say no to a good extra sweetened iced tea.  And for Goat, well it’s a play off of Kevin’s last name.

Kevin & I were introduced at a mutual friend’s bar mitzvah when we were 13 years old.  Our parents happened to sit at the same table and our mothers got to talking as most mothers do.  Well, they found out a special thing Kevin & I share that we still hold dear today.  They called us over to introduce us and told us the news: we shared the same birthday, born on the same day of the same year, and even in the same hospital.  Kevin a mere 7 hours older than me.  Of course, being awkward teenagers we shrugged it off and ran off to be with our respective friends.  We met up again in high school and while sparks flew, it wasn’t until we were in college that we took the plunge into dating.  The most wonderful part of our story, yet sad at the same time, was that the bar mitzvah was the one and only time our mothers met as my mother passed away after my freshman year of college.  We like to think she gave her approval that night 🙂

Fast forward through 3 years of a long distance relationship, mutiple college degrees, and 3.5 years of actually living in the same town as “grown-ups”…k, go!

A key point in our lives occurred last May, cinco de mayo to be exact, when Kevin and I committed our lives together on Khimaira Farm in Luray, VA (which is a goat farm ironically) in front of our most specialist family and friends.  While a rollercoaster of emotions, the entire planning process for the two of us gave us the opportunity to look inside of ourselves and decide what it was we wanted to portray to all these special people in our lives.  To us, our wedding and marriage wasn’t simply an excuse to throw a party, it was a way to show how much we care for all of the people who took the time to be there for us.  We completely agreed on designing our theme around “growth” and displaying that if it weren’t for each and every person there that day for us, we may not have grown into who we are individually and as a couple.

The entire weekend was pulled off due to A LOT of help from friends and family, but it gave every step of the way a very personal feel.  Not to mention, it proved to us just how much they all cared about us!  Kevin’s sister Amy made our cupcakes and cake for cutting, Laurel designed my headpiece, sash, and earrings, my cousin Sarah designed and sewed the flower girls and ring bearer dresses, Molly and Nick recorded our ceremony and reception, Matt emceed the reception and kept the music blasting all the night, Andy played our first dance song, my dad cooked wedding day breakfast for the wedding party as well as for our post-wedding Sunday brunch…the list seriously goes on forever and we couldn’t have done it without them!  The most important part of the weekend took place under the guidance of our wonderful Reverends Elisheva and Wade Clegg.  We knew when we first met them they would be special people in our lives and create a ceremony the truly touched on our personalities and feelings.  Our main goal for the ceremony was the same as for the rest of the wedding: make it personal and reach out to our guests to let them know how highly we regard our relationships with them.  It was tremendous to hear from our guests how beautiful their words were and that it was the most personal ceremony they’d ever heard.  I guess you could say they nailed it!


When we became one

Our take home point from our wedding was this: let this be a time that signifies a momentous milestone in a journey you’ve traveled not only with your spouse but also your supportive family and friends.  The weddings people remember are the ones that make them feel special. which isn’t always indicative of a high price tag.

Our journey as wife and husband has just begun, and let me tell you it has already given us plenty of challenges to make ourselves better individuals and partners!  We are determined to experience more enriched and loving lives every day!


Our beautiful flower girls and ring bearers. They were so great that day!


Our nieces are too stinkin’ cute!


Wedding favors: homebrew made by our dads and Kevin with a personal message attached. Because Kevin’s an artist by nature and Art Director by education, he designed all of our print items: save the dates, invitations, programs, favor labels, etc. It definitely added a wonderful loving feel.


Amy’s tower of deliciousness! Even the cupcake holder was homemade by Kevin’s dad out of a fallen tree stump. These Goats are crafty ones I tell you.


Cutting the goat cake, which was a little tougher than we imagined. Amy even designed the goat bride and groom toppers. This girl’s got it going on!


To personify our growth theme to our family and friends, we made leaves with photos of us with them and placed them on centerpiece branches of the table where they sat. We wanted them to be able to think back to good times we had together, which also doubled as a great conversation starter 🙂


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