Lost love is still love

On the morning of July 25th, Kevin and I received news that can be difficult to swallow at any age: one of our closest friends had lost her husband in a car accident that morning just miles from their home.  Why this hurt all of us so much wasn’t just that we still view ourselves as too young for this kind of thing.  You see, our friend and her husband were high school sweethearts.  They began dating at 14 years old and continued to go strong as she went off to college and came back to their hometown to be with him.  Every day they spoke on the phone or communicated in some way even if it was a 2 minute conversation simply to say “I love you.”  Since they were young, they envisioned their lives together: raising a family and growing old together, and this dream was cut short.  WAY too short.  She went from speaking to him every day for 13 years to not being able to hear his voice even if she wanted to do so.  They had just started their family with a beautiful 14 month old daughter when his accident happened.  All of it together was an impossible pill to swallow.

While we all experience something similar to this in our lives and say to ourselves, “never fail to tell your loved ones how much you care,” how long do you actually continue to carry out this promise?  The promise you made in memory of a dear friend or family member that you wouldn’t take another day for granted?  Why do we stop this display of affection?  It is so easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget about what truly makes us special and an amazing species: that as humans our existence relies so heavily on our relationships with those around us and not the meticulous tasks we complete to get through a day.  Relish in the fact that you’re given each breath and each opportunity that comes your way.  YOU are here for a reason, so put your special talents to use!  And learn to love showing your love to others!


Chris and his B at our wedding in May. Kevin added in the rainbow because our friend saw about 4 or 5 double rainbows in the weeks following the accident.


On what would’ve been their 3 year wedding anniversary this year, Kevin & I planted tulips like the ones they gave us as wedding favors and watered them with love. Our hope is that they will grow into beautiful flowers we can plant in her yard, so his love is visible everywhere she turns.


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